I lit a candle today. And it must be after 20 years. I think it was 20 years, because I remember one time telling my maths teacher, that I didn’t do my homework because there was no power. After that, we have had UPS and even if power goes off, in the evening also, somebody will come to repair. But, this now, this is a place, which can take your life back to the primitives. Inspite of having so many technologies installed in the house – UPS (batteries are not akshaya pathram. They have to run out at some point), solar ( if you have a rainy week, then where is the sol in solar?), I had to finally take shelter under the humble old candle. (Thank god I had them).

And weekends are so sacred… It is a day of rest and wine, that even if some fifty households don’t have power, not a single finger will be lifted.

Speaking of “Thank God”, I think such episodes keep coming and going in life, just to make us appreciate the good things we have in life. Things we take for granted – 24 hours electricity, 24 hours water, 24 hours online banking, 24 hours medical shops, 24 hours hospital…. And on and on.

But all these seem like a boon only because we are used to it. What about for the people from places like here for whom all these things are a remote possibility, not possibility maybe a wild dream even.

When I see people living in mud houses, with no access to electricity or other amenities, I feel sorry for them. But when I do feel that, am I like those high minded missionaries who thought everybody else in the world are living a primitive life, and they need to be “rescued”, or were they better off left alone? A candle has been lit.