Yesterday, yet again I saw manichithrathazhu… Probably for the 105th time? And I never seem to tire of it. It’s influence on me was phenomenal. All during my adolescent years I was saying that either I will be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. I became neither and that is another long story worthy of a 3-part blog post. But that movie made me fascinated about the human mind it’s depths, it’s intricacies -like a glacier where only 10% is known and the rest remains an enigma. 

And movies that impact me, triggers a craving to know more about it. And I end up googling like crazy for the next one hour, for any tidbit, some scrap of trivia that can assuage my fevered curiosity. (Such a kind of a search last night led me to a blog which hypothesised that Ganga was a lesbian… 🤐) This happened also right after I watched Kammattipadam. I wanted to know more about it. What were the difficulties they faced in recreating the Ernakulam of the 60s. How did they over come those obstacles. Where did these people (the story writers – Madhu Muttam or P. Balachandran) get the inspiration to write such amazing stories? 

U know Hollywood has spawned an entire industry of collectibles and Blu rays long after a cult movie is released – extended version, director’s cut, remade, digitised and re-released version (eg Star Wars)… Hmmm, how would it be if Manichithrathazhu was re-released in theatres, just like how My Dear Kuttichathan was? I for one would be delighted. And going by the IMDb ratings and so many people gushing over it, I am sure there would be many takers for it. Or atleast a DVD re release with the full movie (the ones that you get now are shortened versions, many scenes were cut for the sake of brevity) with the story writers or directors commentary. Or a “making of the movie”, movie? Oh, the possibilities !!! Come on New generation and Malayalam film industry – you are not short on ideas like before. Give us fans something to chew on… Don’t lock up the Manichithrathazhu!