Boys and their toys. As if spending some 8 hours on the phone is not enough, my husband decided to go for some good earphones, coz he is not able to “enjoy” his movies with all the “noise” around. So he buys a Sennheisser. And he is not been able to stop extolling it’s greatness. While I was trying to get a decision from him on who is going to a meeting tomorrow – but, who was I talking to… He was tone deaf to the outside world. Seeing my irritated face, (coz, I put a lot of energy into my conversations. I don’t know understated.) He said, “here, try this”. And he places the earpieces into my ears. Few seconds into the song and I was stunned. No, it’s not the Sennheisser. I mean, it was awesome as always, but that was not the reason I was stunned. Nor was it because my tresses got static haired listening to the thumping OST of Mad Max. I actually like rock music, as long as it does not involve screeching or people like Gene Simmons (this crazy rockstar has insured his tongue for a million dollars… Ugh)


The thing that stunned me was a sense of loss that I felt while listening to the music. Like I had serendipitously chanced upon a long lost and sadly forgotten friend. My friend, my love – for music. Books and music were my steadfast and sometimes only companions during my growing up years. How many hours I have spent – working on boring assignments, walking from hostel to college and back or just lying down, staring up at the ceiling and trying to drown my loneliness in the ocean of music…

When my children were born, I had taken a conscious decision not to use the earphones, lest I do not hear my children. Its not like I have given up listening to music completely. But when I listen to it through earphones… It’s like I have cut off everybody else from the world, wrapped a cocoon around me and now it is just me and the music.  Sometimes i get a high listening to music, that i have often wondered whether this is how it actually feeIs… To be intoxicated?

So yeah, that is the reason, for it was in that stunning moment that I had realised that I had missed my friend, so much and the sad part is… I never realised it at all….